Firefighters complete structure assessments along Poorman Road and continue to complete cabin structure preparation

Firefighters completed structure assessments along Poorman Road located approximately 15 miles from the Camp Creek Fire (#352) to the east and the Donut Fire (#335) to the west. They also completed structure preparation on three more cabins in the area. The complex received approximately a quarter to a half an inch of rain and experienced higher relative humidity levels over the past few days. These weather conditions resulted in decreased fire activity and growth.

  • Donut Fire (#335): Current estimated acreage is 37,858. Firefighters completed structure preparation around the nearest cabin, which is approximately a quarter mile from the fire. They also completed mop-up operations along the east side of the fire.
  • Camp Creek Fire (#352): Current estimated acreage is 14,644. Crews completed structure preparation around multiple cabins in the Poorman Road area on the east side of the fire.
  • Sunset Fire (#369): Current estimated acreage is 3,002. This fire remains in monitor status with minimal fire activity expected. The fire ran into natural barriers with a bog on the east side, a creek along the west side, and the Yukon river to the south.   

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July 7, 2022 Sprinkler system setup near cabin for structure protection. Southern Area Grey Team Photo.

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