Middle Tanana Complex acreage grows to 50,276; firefighters working on structure protection

The residents off the road system and recreational cabins in the Middle Salcha River and Upper Salcha River Zones are in SET status. The Lower Salcha River remains in READY. When evacuation status changes, we will work with emergency management staff to make those announcements.

Visit https://tinyurl.com/FNSBEvacMap for information about evacuations in your area.

Smokejumpers are making progress implementing structure protection measures along the Salcha River corridor in areas that the Yukon Fire could impact. During structure protection efforts, firefighters set up pumps and hoses to get water to a sprinkler system that can be turned on around buildings as the fire nears. They clear vegetation away from the structures and further secure the property with handline as needed. These efforts are intended to minimize impacts to properties should the fire reach them. 

Late yesterday, the Central Creek Fire became more active and began to impact the Pogo Mine road around mile 40. The Gold Hub Fire continues to impact the Pogo Mine road around mile 20. Protecting the power lines that supply electricity to the mine is a priority. If conditions allow, fire managers will take a reconnaissance flight to assess these fires today. 

In the lower Goodpaster River corridor, boats were used to deliver structure protection equipment to the Crane Valley Hotshot crew that was inserted yesterday. They will continue their work around cabins and buildings near the South Fork Fire. The Central Creek Airstrip fire in the upper Goodpaster River corridor is being monitored for fire impacts on structures at the airstrip. Crews periodically check hoses and pumps set up around cabins near the airstrip to ensure they are working should they be needed. The Porcupine, Gilles, Marshall Mountain, and California Creek fires are in monitor status. Fire managers will check the fires from the air every two to three days for any significant changes or increased threats to structures.


A Red Flag Warning is in effect due to the potential for thunderstorms with ample lightning and erratic outflow winds.  A high-pressure system persists across the Interior, accompanied by hot and dry conditions. Temperatures will range from 74 to 84 degrees. Increasing cloud cover this afternoon will raise relative humidity to 28-43%.

Fire Behavior

Yukon Creek, Gold Hub, Central Creek, and South Fork fires became active late yesterday. Weather conditions created fuel and terrain driven growth primarily on the fire perimeters. Fires were flanking and backing until they align with topography for short uphill runs. Some short-range spotting continues to occur and allows for fire movement where fuels are receptive to burning.

Temporary Flight Restrictions

Temporary Flight Restrictions are in place over the Gold Hub Fire. Flight restrictions are for any aircraft, including drones. If you fly, we can’t!

Middle Tanana Complex fire information map showing the nine fires in this complex, including the Yukon Creek, Marshall Mountain, Porcupine Creek, Gilles Creek, Gold Hub, South Fork, Central Creek, Central Creek Airstrip, and California Creek fires.
Middle Tanana Complex Fire Map – July 9, 2022

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