Crew To Move In To Rampart Today

No significant growth was observed yesterday on fires within the Dalton Highway Complex. With today’s weather forecast to be warmer and drier, additional growth on the fires is anticipated. On the north end of the complex, personnel are working to install a bear fence to provide protection around food supplies. A team from the Wind River Karelian Bear Dogs is also on site to provide bear mitigation for the firefighters.

A helicopter will transport the Missouri Interagency Crew and supplies into the community of Rampart today. Fire managers were unable to use the helicopter yesterday due to immediate suppression needs of a nearby fire. There are 91 personnel currently assigned to the fire.

Bear fence is installed at the North Ops fire camp. White fence posts surround a round gravel pad. Electric wires are strung up between the fence posts and have pink flagging tied on each wire for visibility. One food box has been moved in to the fencing and is covered with a blue tarp. The bear dog team hander is walking thorough the open area of the fence.
Bear fence is installed at the North Ops fire camp. The fence is to protect the food boxes and trash from bears and avoid conflicts with bears. The Wind River Bear Institute is also working the camp with a team of bear dogs.

Dalton Highway Complex Fires (75,842 acres – note that the total acreage includes previously reported fires that are part of the total complex numbers).

  • Curky Fire (#318) – 30,801 acres, located 4.5 miles west of MP 85.
  • Douglas Fire (#336) – 20,343 acres, located along the highway between MP 140-149.
  • Huron Fire (#372) – 15,199 acres, located 12 miles east of MP 359 and 19 miles northeast of Rampart.
  • MM 125 (#441) – 1,234 acres, located at MP 125, east of highway.
  • Prospect (#494) – 20 acres, located 3.3 miles east of mile marker 134.
  • Troublesome Fire (#359) – 7,969 acres, 24 miles west of the highway.

Fire Weather (Warnings/Watches): A Red Flag Warning remains in effect for abundant lightning and extremely dry fuels through Sunday night. Isolated to scattered thunderstorms will persist over the Interior through the weekend. Temperatures today will be 78-88 degrees and relative humidity levels will be 20-35%.

Closures: Arctic Circle Campground remains closed due to area firefighting activity. The Arctic Circle Wayside (sign location) is open.

Public Safety: Stopping at any time while driving on the Dalton Highway is extremely dangerous. The shoulders on the highway are narrow and drop off steeply. Smoke from area fires is on the highway, drivers are urged to drive with caution. Drive with your lights on and be aware that heavy trucks and firefighting equipment require longer stopping distances.

Contact Information: (907)-921-2547

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