Southern Area Gray Team conducts engine training with local Tribe and village of Ruby

The Southern Area Gray Team conducted a training with the local Tribe and village volunteer fire department of Ruby on fire engine operations yesterday. Upon arriving to the incident and meeting with the local community, the Gray Team found the village’s engine was in need of repairs to be operational. Many team members are experienced in engine mechanics and operations, and were able to provide repairs over the past week as incident operations and schedules permitted. Once the engine was operational, the village’s volunteer fire department of about eight members, including the Chief of Police, gathered with the Gray Team for the operational training. Training included filling the water tank, how to prime and operate the water pump, front water cannon, and foam unit. Training also included proper engine maintenance and engine winterization. At the end of the training, the team provided additional resources and points of contact for future trainings and maintenance and operations support.   

  • Camp Creek Fire (#352): Current estimated acreage is 14,644. Baker River and Lassen Hotshot crews continue structure preparation around multiple cabins in the Poorman Road area on the east side of the fire. Structure preparation includes clearing nearby vegetation, installing pumps and sprinkler systems, and identifying any hazards around those structures.
  • Donut Fire (#335): Current estimated acreage is 39,750. Smokejumpers continue structure preparation around the nearest cabin, which is less than a quarter mile from the fire.
  • Sunset Fire (#369): Current estimated acreage remains at 3,002. This fire continues to be in monitor status with minimal fire activity expected. The fire ran into natural barriers with a bog on the east side, a creek along the west side, and the Yukon River to the south.   

For more information call (907) 921-2434 or email

July 8, 2022 Ruby fire department volunteer priming and operating water pump. Southern Area Gray Team Photo.
July 8, 2022 Ruby Tribe and village volunteer fire department with Southern Area Gray Team. Southern Area Gray Team Photo.

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