Fire activity remains low across the Middle Tanana Complex

Helicopters are supporting firefighting efforts on the Middle Tanana Complex as weather and visibility allow. They are assisting with sling loads, cargo missions, and moving firefighters. Less rain fell over the fire area yesterday. Still, temperatures remained cool and the relative humidity was in the 30s resulting in minimal fire movement. 

Smokejumpers working on the north side of the Salcha River near the Yukon Creek Fire moved west to work on cabins near Flat Creek. They began installing hoses and pumps and removing flammable materials and hazardous fuels. 

Up Shaw Creek Road towards the Pogo Mine, fire personnel are scouting for natural features to check the Gold Hub Fire should it become active again. A wildland fire module specializing in wilderness firefighting is working around mile 40 of Shaw Creek Road to protect the adjacent powerlines and scout for future opportunities to stop the Central Creek Fire. Minimizing impacts on the mine by maintaining power and access are priorities.

In the lower Goodpaster River corridor, the Crane Valley Hotshots continue to implement structure protection around cabins and buildings on the north side from river mile 26 to the confluence with the South Fork Goodpaster River. Weather permitting, crews plan to fly in today to check the sprinkler systems and pumps and monitor the fire activity around the Central Creek Airstrip. 

The Porcupine, Gilles, Marshall Mountain, and California Creek fires are being monitored.


On the Goodpaster River, mile 0 to river mile 8.6 is now in READY status. River mile 8.6 to river mile 33.9 is in SET status. From the confluence with the South Fork Goodpaster River to Seven Mile Creek is in READY. The group of cabins along the Goodpaster River at the mouth of Central Creek is in SET status.

Shaw Creek Road and the Pogo Mine area are in READY status.

The residents off the road system and recreational cabins in the Middle Salcha River and Upper Salcha River Zones are in SET status. The Lower Salcha River remains in READY. When evacuation status changes, we will work with emergency management staff to make those announcements. 


Isolated rain showers will continue through the week, and temperatures will drop as a cold front moves in overnight. Temperatures are expected to stay below average throughout the week with ample cloud cover, which will continue to moderate fire behavior. 

Temporary Flight Restrictions

Temporary Flight Restrictions are in place over the Gold Hub Fire. Flight restrictions are for any aircraft, including drones. If you fly, we can’t!


Visit for the current Smoke Outlook for Interior Alaska.

Fire Information

Fire Information Office Hours: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM

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Middle Tanana Complex Fire Map – July 12, 2022

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