Drivers urged to use caution at all times on the Dalton Highway

Yesterday evening, winds strongly increased smoke activity on fires on the northern end of the Dalton Highway Complex. Because winds were out of the west, smoke did not impact the highway. Any drivers on the highway need to be aware that a change in winds could have immediate changes to smoke impacts on the road. Driving with headlights on is always required on the Dalton Highway.

The majority of the Douglas Fire (#336) is on the east side of the highway with the northeast corner having the most fire activity yesterday . Smokes on this fire remain visible within the perimeter. The Black Hills Wildfire Use Module used chainsaws to continue thinning black spruce around Pump House #5. The east and west flanks of the Prospect Fire (#949) were active yesterday as the fire backed towards Prospect Creek. Light fire activity was observed along the highway on the MM 125 Fire (#441).  No activity was observed on the Curky Fire (#318).

The south end of the complex consists of the Troublesome Fire (#359) and the Huron Fire (#372), both of which showed minimal fire activity yesterday. Firefighters worked yesterday to improve fire breaks previously installed in the community of Rampart. Firefighters are expected to complete fire protection work today at the Quail Creek Mine. Crews at the Rick Rice Mine are going to work on fire protection strategies previously outlined in a fire protection plan for the community.

This is the Rampart Spike Camp on the Yukon River. Firefighters are camping here to have closer access to fires. In the front of the photo, about ten firefighter tents are set up. A yellow tarp is on the right side of the photo and about ten firefighters are gathered around a campfire, cooking dinner. The Yukon River is behind the tents. The sky is white with smoke.
Rampart Spike Camp is set up along the Yukon River. Firefighters are preparing their dinner at the end of the day. Photo Credit – Idaho Team 1.

Dalton Highway Complex Fires (85,084 acres) – Note that the total acreage includes previously reported fires that are part of the total complex numbers.

  • Curky Fire (#318) – 30,801 acres, located 4.5 miles west of MP 85.
  • Douglas Fire (#336) – 21, acres, l759ocated between MP 140-149.
  • Huron Fire (#372) – 17,973 acres, located 12 miles east of MP 359.
  • MM 125 (#441) – 1,228 acres, located at MP 125, east of highway.
  • Prospect (#494) – 253 acres, located 3.3 miles east of mile marker 134.
  • Troublesome Fire (#359) – 12,774 acres, 24 miles west of the highway.

Fire Weather (Warnings/Watches): Widely scattered thunderstorms with gusty outflow winds are forecast through Wednesday. Today’s relative humidity levels will be about 40% and temperatures will be 65-75 degrees.

Closures: Arctic Circle Campground remains closed due to area firefighting activity. The Arctic Circle Wayside (sign location) is open.

Public Safety: Driving with headlights on at all times is required on the Dalton Highway. All drivers are urged to use extreme caution while driving on the road. Smoke remains along the road and can change quickly with weather conditions. With narrow shoulders and steep drop offs, stopping along the road is very dangerous and not advised at any time. 

Contact Information: (907)-921-2547

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