Winds and dry conditions responsible for fire growth on Paradise Complex

Recent winds and dry conditions have caused notable fire growth on the Paradise Complex. While the overall Complex increased in acreage, little growth occurred on the eastern flank of the Snohomish Fire (#225), the fire closest to the community of Lake Minchumina. This was welcome news to fire resources preparing fire breaks around the structures and allotments on the west side of the lake.

While other incidents across Alaska have received precipitation, the Tanana Zone remains largely dry and at risk for substantial fire growth. The zone also received around 1,200 lightning strikes yesterday, and additional starts are anticipated in the coming days. Poor visibility challenged fire resources yesterday, but fire managers are hopeful that predicted changes in the weather will slow the growth of these incidents and improve air quality.

Hog Butte Fire (#185): The fire was detected June 5 and is located 21 miles southwest of lake Menchumina. The current size is estimated at 199,432 acres. The fire is burning in predominately black spruce mixed with hardwoods and tundra, and was lightning-caused.

Snohomish Fire (#225): The fire is also lightning-caused and was discovered June 7. It is currently estimated at 30,175 acres and located 9 air miles west of Lake Minchumina.

Leaf Fire (#385): The fire was detected June 26 and is burning to the west of the Hog Butte Fire. The current size is 10,165 acres and has shown minimal fire activity.

American Fire (#504): The fire is currently estimated at 3,647 acres and burning in tundra. It was started by lightning July 6.

Sischu Fire (#507): The fire is located just south of Sischu Mountain. It was detected by satellite July 7, and is currently estimated at 1,587 acres.

Starr Fire (#508): Is located in the northwestern corner of the North Preserve portion of Denali National Park and Preserve. It was started by lightning July 7 and is estimated at 87 acres. Crews are engaged in protecting structures and allotments near the fire.

Bear Paw Fire (#510): The fire was discovered July 7 and is estimated at 169 acres. The fire is burning in tundra and scattered black spruce on flat terrain.

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