Firefighters Continue Fire Suppression Efforts to Protect Values at Risk

Allakaket, AK – The Slathtouka Fire is located about 18 miles southwest of Allakaket, AK. It started on July 3 and has burned roughly 8500 acres east of Mount George.

Monday, July 11 saw strong winds impact the fire area, causing the fire to grow approximately 7,000 acres, mostly in two large runs to the east (see map below). July 12 brought cooler weather and less wind, so fire growth was minimal yesterday.

Many of the native allotments along the Koyukuk and Kanuti Rivers have been prepped to protect them from fire. Work continues to ensure the remaining allotments are ready in case fire continues to spread toward them. Two helicopters are enroute and will be assigned to the incident to help support the logistical operations and provide medevac if needed for an emergency.

For more information on the Slathtouka Fire, call (907) 356-5511 or email

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