Cooler temperatures and moisture moderate fire growth on Paradise Complex

Fires on the Paradise Complex saw low to moderate fire growth yesterday, and the same is expected for today. Hotshots and smokejumpers are still working in the community of Lake Minchumina to prepare structures and cut fire breaks around native allotments and other values at risk. As a result of improved visibility, air resources are also assessing other structures near the Snohomish (#225), Hog Butte (#185), and Leaf (#385) fires and will insert firefighters where necessary.

Firefighters expect more precipitation in the area the next few days and future weather outlooks are looking favorable.

Red outlines showing fire area. Purple lines showing all the fires within a complex
Paradise Complex fires in relation to nearby incidents

Hog Butte Fire (#185): The current size is estimated at 206,061 acres, with minimal fire behavior. The fire is burning in predominately black spruce mixed with hardwoods and tundra, and was lightning-caused. Air resources are flying over the area to ensure the fire is not threatening structures.

Snohomish Fire (#225): The fire was lightning-caused and discovered June 7. It is is currently 37,372 acres. Fire managers are monitoring this fire closely because of its proximity to the community of Lake Minchumina. Firefighters are still improving fire breaks and defensible space around structures in the area.

Leaf Fire (#385): The fire was detected June 26 and is burning to the west of the Hog Butte Fire. The current size is 11,120 acres.

American Fire (#504): The fire is currently estimated at 8,090 acres and burning in tundra. It was discovered July 6 and was started by lightning.

Sischu Fire (#507): The fire is estimated at 8,448 acres and located near the Sischu Mountains. It was ignited by lightning and discovered July 7.

Starr Fire (#508): This fire is located in the northwestern corner of the North Preserve portion of Denali National Park and Preserve. It was started by lightning and discovered July 7. Current size is 186 acres.

Bear Paw Fire (#510): The fire was discovered July 7 and is estimated at 1,750 acres. The fire is burning in tundra and scattered black spruce on flat terrain.

For more information, contact the Alaska Interagency Joint Information Center at (907)356-5511 or

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