Minimal fire activity and growth across the Poorman Complex

There was minimal fire activity and fire growth across the Poorman complex yesterday. Lower temperatures and increased humidity resulted in moderated fire behavior including smoldering and creeping; vegetation is currently less receptive to burning. Baker River Hotshots continue with structure preparation in the Poorman Road area.

  • Camp Creek Fire (#352): Current estimated acreage remains at 50,091. Fire behavior included smoldering and creeping within the current fire perimeter.
  • Donut Fire (#335): Current estimated acreage remains at 50,288. The fire continues to slowly spread to the north into an area burned in 2015. Fire activity includes slow backing and creeping in the area burning the residual vegetation from previous burn.  
  • Sunset Fire (#369): Current estimated acreage remains at 3,002. This fire is still in monitor status with minimal fire activity expected. The fire ran into natural barriers with a bog on the east side, a creek along the west side, and the Yukon River to the south.   

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Aerial photo of mosaic burn pattern with burned areas interspersed with green areas. Mosaic patterns are reflective of the natural progression of a fire.
Mosaic burn pattern of the Camp Creek Fire on July 12, 2022. Southern Area Gray Team Photo

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