Fire activity on Dalton Highway Complex has moderated with recent weather

Management of the Dalton Highway Complex will be transferred from Type 3 Incident Management Team Idaho Team #1 to Type 2 Incident Management Team Southern California Team #14. The new team will be briefed today (Friday) and the team transfer will occur at end of shift Saturday. There are currently a total of 91 personnel working on the fires.

The MM 125 Fire (#441) had active behavior on the southeast corner of the fire Thursday. That fire is a half mile from the highway. The Douglas Fire (#336) was active just south of Grayling Lake. The fire is backing towards the highway, currently pushing smoke away from the road. These fires are expected to remain active. The Curky Fire (#318) and Prospect Fire (#494) have shown little activity.

On the south end of the complex, the Huron Fire (#372) showed minimal activity. The Troublesome Fire (#359) continues to creep south. Point protection and fire mitigation efforts around the community of Rampart will continue.

With multiple fires in the Dalton Highway Complex, it is important to go back and recheck fires that have not been active in recent days. This is a photo of a check of the Snowden Fire. Flat landscape is in the foreground with burned and unburned ground. Black spruce are scattered through the area. In the background are green mountains and a blue sky above with clouds.
With multiple fires in the Dalton Highway Complex, it is important to go back and recheck fires that have not been active in recent days. This is a check of the Snowden Fire, which is on the north end of the complex. Photo – Idaho Team 1

Dalton Highway Complex Fires (90,024 acres) – Note that the total acreage includes previously reported fires that are part of the total complex numbers.

  • Curky Fire (#318) – 30,801 acres, located 4.5 miles west of MP 85.
  • Douglas Fire (#336) – 23,124 acres, located between MP 140-149.
  • Huron Fire (#372) – 18,822 acres, located 12 miles east of MP 359.
  • MM 125 (#441) – 2,986 acres, located at MP 125, east of highway.
  • Prospect (#494) – 412 acres, located 3.3 miles east of mile marker 134.
  • Troublesome Fire (#359) – 13,282 acres, 24 miles west of the highway.

Fire Weather (Warnings/Watches): The current cooler and wetter weather pattern is expected to persist into next week. A series of weather fronts will push east across the Interior. These weather fronts will continue to bring increases chances for wetting rains. Temperatures today will be 62-72 degrees and relative humidity levels will be 30-45%.

Closures: Arctic Circle Campground remains closed due to area firefighting activity. The Arctic Circle Wayside (sign location) is open.

Public Safety: Drivers are urged to use caution while driving on the Dalton Highway. Driving with headlights on at all times is required on the highway. Smoke from area fires is on the highway and drivers may encounter temporary delays. Stopping on the highway at any time is dangerous. The road has narrow shoulders and drops off sharply.

Contact Information: (907)-921-2547

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