Work completed on several Upper Yukon Zone fires as firefighters shift to other incidents

Most of the staffed fires across the Upper Yukon Zone have achieved their objectives and fire managers are moving firefighters and equipment to other incidents. The wet weather forecasted for the next week is expected to bring additional relief but is not expected to be a “season ending event” for the Yukon Flats. Fire managers vow to remain vigilant as the weather could quickly dry out and increase fire behavior again in northeast Alaska.

BLM Alaska Fire Service Wildfire Update Upper Yukon Zone
Wildfire Update- Upper Yukon Zone

Bearman Fire (#444) – Firefighters have completed their work in the field and have been moved to other priority fires. The incident management organization in Fort Yukon is returning to Fairbanks in the next 24 hours.

Biederman Fire (#458) – No fire activity has been observed and mop up around the perimeter is finished. All firefighters are being moved down river for transportation back to Fairbanks.

Map of current active and staffed fires in Upper Yukon Zone
Upper Yukon Zone Fires as of July 15, 2022

Schilling Creek Fire (#294)/ North Fork (#340) – Firefighters are completing work on the hoselines they have put in place and improve lines around the allotments. The Durango squad is being transported out today. Fire Managers anticipate that the remaining work will be completed tomorrow.

Hadweenzic Fire (#569) – The fire remains contained at 1.5 acres with 22 firefighters assigned. Due to the dry area where the fire is located a helicopter with a bucket was used all day yesterday and is expected to return today to assist firefighters. This is air resource is making a big difference and greatly speeding up the mop-up process.

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