Firefighters work to access south perimeter of Clear Fire

A red portable water tank sitting on green grass in the background, with a white sign that reads DP 2 in the foreground.
A portable water tank in the city of Anderson. (Photo Credit: Bethany Urban, Public Information Officer Northern Rockies Team 1)

Summary: Management objectives for the Clear Fire include protecting and/or mitigating impacts to the identified values at risk as prioritized by the cooperating jurisdictional agencies. Operations personnel are coordinating with incident Resource Advisors to document and, if necessary, implement mitigation measures related to watershed impacts, sensitive species, cultural sites and noxious or exotic weeds and aquatic species. These objectives are approximately 56% complete. Completion of objectives more accurately captures and reports the amount of work accomplished on the ground including confinement, monitoring, and point/zone protection.  NRIMT1 is developing an operational plan to downsize to a local Type 3 organization when appropriate.

Weather: Cloudy and cool with highs in the low-60s and minimum relative humidity of 55%. The chance of rain increases throughout the day to 60-70%. Winds are out of the southwest at 5-10 mph. Lows on Sunday dipping to 48°. Fire behavior continues to be minimal, primarily smoldering.

Operations: On the northwest edge of the fire, crews are patrolling along the Teklanika River looking for hot spots. They continue to find and mop up areas of heat. Firefighters are diligently checking on structures along the river and performing structure preparations if needed. The River Group remains in this area to help shuttle crews and supplies in and out of this north section of the fire.  

Yesterday on the north side of Kobe Ag in Div G, firefighters walked the fireline along the west edge of the subdivision. They found little to no heat and will soon be able to remove hose and other equipment from this area. Throughout Kobe Ag, crews are mopping up around structures, performing suppression repair actions such as rehabilitating berms, and backhauling unneeded equipment.  

In Div K, on the south side of the fire, crews continue utilizing UTVs and the Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) to locate options for safe access and for fireline construction. The remote and inaccessible nature of this area presents challenges for logistical support of firefighters and for medical evacuation should the need arise. Fire managers are committed to ensuring safe ingress and egress before fully engaging crews in this area. When they can safely do so, crews will work near the south edge to minimize the chance of fire spread and impact to structures. In other areas of Div K, firefighters are patrolling and mopping up existing control lines and continuing their work on a fireline running southwest from the area of the church camp.  

The Structure Branch is assisting with backhaul on the west side of the Nenana River. On the east side, they are helping to update structure protection plans for the city of Anderson and to develop a response framework that can be utilized in the event of fire impacts to Clear Space Force Base.   

Sheltering & Evacuations: Contact the Denali Borough at (907) 683-1330, visit or follow Fire Loss & Suppression Repair: Contact the Denali Borough at (907) 683-1330

Other Fire Information: Alaska Fire Information, (907) 356-5511;, and on Facebook: and

A map with green, yellow, and red section showing fire perimeter and evacuation zones. For evacuation info contact the Denali Borough at 907- 683-1330
Map of Clear Fire on 7-17-22

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