Clear Fire efforts shift towards equipment backhaul and fire line patrol

A white water truck spraying water on a road with a green spruce forest on both sides of the road.
Dust Abatement on the east side of the Clear Fire

Summary: An infrared flight over the fire confirmed it has not increased in size for several days. Aerial Infrared (IR) heat detection flights are still detecting scattered heat inside the fire perimeter. Firefighters are utilizing the information produced by the IR technology to locate and mop up hot spots as they reinforce fireline. Fire behavior is creeping and smoldering, with the possibility of smoke in some areas inside the fire perimeter.

Weather: Today will bring mostly cloudy conditions with a 20% chance of light rain. Cooler temperatures will reach a high of 59F, relative humidity at 50%, and winds will be from the west at 5 mph with gusts up to 10 mph.

Operations: Firefighters are backhauling hoselays and other equipment as their operations transition to patrolling the fireline and mopping up any hot spots that are found.

Firefighters have completed line construction on the east side of the fire and are now patrolling this area. Fire crews are shifting focus to fire suppression repair work to minimize potential soil erosion and impacts resulting from fire suppression activities.

Firefighters continue to mop up and reinforce firelines along the southeast perimeter and assess the area for fire suppression repair work. Firefighters working on the main southern perimeter will improve both fireline and structure point protection around homes in that area.  

Fire crews completed work on the areas of concern on the west perimeter of the fire, and this area is now in aerial patrol status.

Sheltering & Evacuations: Contact the Denali Borough at (907) 683-1330, visit or follow

Fire Loss & Suppression Repair: Contact the Denali Borough at (907) 683-1330

Other Fire Information: Alaska Fire Information, (907) 356-5511;, and on Facebook: and

A map showing fire perimeter and yellow and red sections that represent evacuation zones. For evacuation information contact the Denali Borough at 907-683-1330 or
Clear Fire map for July 22, 2022

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