Backhaul operations underway for Lime Complex

July 23, 2022

Management of the Lime Complex has been transferred to the Alaska Division of Forestry and Fire Protection Mat-Su Southwest Area.

Firefighters are working to backhaul equipment in Lime Village, Iliamna, and Sleetmute. Over 10,000 lbs. of suppression equipment, communication equipment and supplies will be removed and flown out by aircraft. Fire activity has been moderated by cooler temperatures and precipitation received over the complex area within the last week.

Weather: Isolated to scattered showers are anticipated on Saturday, mainly during the afternoon and evening hours. Chances for wetting rain over the weekend are low. The next system moves in Sunday night through Monday bringing with it an increase in wind and rain.

The Lime Complex consists of two staffed fires and sixteen unstaffed fires. The total size of the combined fires is 865,620 acres, and there are 26 resources assigned to the complex—an area covering 21 million acres. Each of these fires was caused by lightning. The fires will continue to be monitored for growth and potential threats to identified values. Resources are ready to respond if needed to protect values at risk.

A scene showing a water way the trees and a weather station in the foreground.
Scene near Lime Village.

Staffed Fires in the Complex:

(#244) ~114,294 acres

Koktuli River(#240)/Pike Creek (#239) ~293,970 acres A reconnaissance flight Friday reported no smoke showing.

Unstaffed Fires in Monitor Status:

Dummy Creek Fire (#247) ~ 179 acres; Cabin Creek Fire (#193) ~ 74 acres; Gagaryah River Fire (#197) ~ 38,910 acres; Kiknik Fire (245) ~ 45,734 acres; Maka Creek Fire (#207) ~ 2 acre; Nushagak River Fire (#189) ~ 10 acres; Stony River Fire (#198) ~ 40,419 acres; Telaquana River Fire (#216) ~ 7,791 acres; Titnuk Creek Fire (#246) ~ 53,291 acres; Upper Talarik (#205) ~ 9,133 acres; South Lime Lake Fire (#190)/Swift River Fire (#228 ~ 88,502; Door Creek Fire (#273) ~ 54,006 acres; Hook Creek Fire (#188) ~ 4,275; Aghaluk Mountain (#206) ~ 115,030

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