Firefighters Transition to Fire Suppression Repair

Image showing hoselays along a dozer fireline
Hoselay along a dozer line

Summary: Firefighters made good progress on the fire’s north side by completing the backhaul of hoses, pumps, and other fire suppression equipment ahead of schedule. Boats on the Teklanika River have transported firefighters, equipment, and supplies on the north. With this work, the fire’s northeast side is now in patrol status. Suppression repair work continues across the fire perimeter. Fire suppression repair is a series of immediate post-fire measures to repair damages caused by firefighting actions and minimize potential soil erosion.

Weather: It will be cloudy throughout the morning, becoming partly cloudy this afternoon. It will reach a high of 65F, relative humidity at 40%, and light east-southeast winds at five mph. The chance of precipitation is 0%. Expect minimal fire behavior with smoldering and creeping.

Operations: Firefighters cleared out several hundred trees knocked down by a microburst along the northeast fire perimeter. On the east side of the fire, suppression work has been completed and this area is in patrol status.

Firefighters have cleared good access routes along the fire’s southern side through challenging terrain. This access will allow fire crews to continue fire suppression actions around structures and extend fire lines to the south. During mop up, firefighters will seek out and extinguish any heat below the surface within 100 feet of the fire’s edge. This work will continue over the next several days.

The western fire perimeter is under an aerial patrol status.

Sheltering & Evacuations: Contact the Denali Borough at (907) 683-1330, visit or follow Fire Loss & Suppression Repair: Contact the Denali Borough at (907) 683-1330

Other Fire Information: Alaska Fire Information, (907) 356-5511;, and on Facebook: and

Map showing the fire perimeter and evacuation areas
Map of the Clear Fire for July 23, 2022

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