Repair work completed on Minto Lakes Fire. Keep safety in mind while recreating in the area

Heavy equipment has finished repairing the dozer line around the  subdivisions of Hayes Creek and Himilaya. Equipment covered exposed, bare soil from dozer work with logs and branches. Water bars were installed to prevent the effects of erosion and flooding.

Anyone entering the burned areas of the fire should watch for unstable trees and snags, trees hung-up on neighboring trees that can easily fall. Ash pits, where root systems have burned, can be hard to see and easily stepped in. Please be aware of your surroundings while recreating in the wilderness.

Whitefish Campground and Boat Launch and the White Mountain National Recreation Area are open.

Local firefighters will continue monitoring the fire area. Some heat remains in deep duff, well interior to containment lines. The fire is not expected to be completely out until winter snowfall.

This is the final update for the Minto Lakes Fire. For information, contact the Alaska Interagency Fire Information line at (907)356-5511 or visit:

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