Clear Fire transitions command to Alaska Division of Forestry and Fire Protection (DOF)

Update for the Clear Fire – July 29, 2022

Size: 72,191 | Completion: 77% | Personnel: 140 | Cause: Natural, lightning

Today, Friday, at 8:00a.m., an Alaska Division of Forestry and Fire Protection (DOF) Type 3 team assumed command of the fire.

“State of Alaska initial attack resources and crews are working to identify any remaining areas holding residual heat as well as continue the progress of repairing dozer lines,” said Zane Brown, DOF Type 3 team Incident Commander.

Crews have completed 50% of the road grading operations on the dozer lines north of Kobe AG subdivision. The roads around the Anderson subdivision should be complete by the end of Friday.

Crews will continue to scout for opportunities to improve and extend firelines along the fire’s southern edge. Areas of holdover heat and smoke that are identified are being broken up and then extinguished.

The weather pattern will be slightly warmer with little to no rain. Fire activity may increase but most likely will exhibit continued smoldering and creeping.

The Temporary Flight Restriction remains in place over the fire area. All non-mission aircraft and drones must avoid the area outlined in the TFR for the safety of aircraft supporting the Clear Fire and firefighters on the ground. Go to to stay informed of any modifications to the TFR.

Fire Loss & Suppression Repair: Contact the Denali Borough at (907) 683-1330 Other Fire Information: Alaska Fire Information, (907) 356-5511;, and on Facebook: and

Map of the Clear Fire showing the fire perimeter. Map has a legend to explain different symbols on map, Division of Forestry Logo, and label as the public information map with acreage of 72,191
Clear Fire Public Information Map for July 29, 2022

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