No new hotspots on east side of Clear Fire

Size: 72,191 | Completion: 77% | Personnel: 129 | Cause: Natural, lightning

The Division of Forestry and Fire Protection (DOF) continues to make progress on the Clear Fire. DOF Type 2 Initial Attack Crews, White Mountain and Gannet Glacier, are on the most southern portions of the fire securing the fire’s edge and mopping up a wide perimeter to prevent any further fire growth. They are also clearing access to cabins in the area by removing hazardous trees and clearing fire-weakened trees that have fallen across access routes.

This photograph shows wildland firefighters in a wooded area affected by wildfire.
Members of the Alaska Division of Forestry and Fire Protection Gannett Glacier Type 2 Initial Attack Crew remove hazardous trees along the Clear Fire’s southern edge Sunday, July 31, 2022. Brandalyn Vonk/Alaska Division of Forestry

Heavy equipment is still working in the areas of Kobe Ag and Anderson subdivisions grading roads and breaking apart dozer berms seeking areas still holding heat. No new hotspots have been found over the past several days along the eastern portions of the fire. Excess equipment and supplies are being backhauled from the fire lines.

Weather forecasted for Wednesday and Thursday should be seasonally normal days. Thursday night a new system will be moving in with cool temperatures and a greater chance of rainstorms and light winds.

The Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) remains in place over the fire area. All non-mission aircraft and drones must avoid the area outlined in the TFR for the safety of aircraft supporting the Clear Fire and firefighters on the ground. Go to to stay informed of any modifications to the TFR. Remember, If You Fly, We Can’t!

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