Rain and hail reported on Clear Fire as crews demobilize

Size: 72,191 | Completion: 77% | Personnel: 98 | Cause: Natural, lightning

Rain and hail were reported Thursday on the Clear Fire (#346). Two to three inches of rain was recorded on several portions of the fire while other areas received much less. Hail, ¼ inch in size, was reported at the Anderson airport and at scattered locations around the fire. All areas of the fire received precipitation on Thursday. The most southern portions, where the fire has recently been most active, received heavy rain.

The Division of Forestry and Fire Protection (DOF) Type 2 Initial Attack Crews White Mountain and Gannet Glacier completed their work on the southern end of the fire. White Mountain finished clearing their segment of containment line, tying in with the Teklanika River. Gannett was able to extinguish all areas of heat along their portion of line. Both crews are coming off the lined Friday. Gannett is at the end of their assignment and will demobilize. White Mountain will remain to finish up any remaining suppression repair, retrieve fire line equipment, and dismantle camps. DOF Type 2 Fairbanks #1 Crew has also reached the end of their assignment.

This photograph shows wildland firefighters covering a sloping firebreak with vegetative matter.
Alaska Division of Forestry and Fire Protection firefighters cold trail along the edge of a dozer line as they install water bars on a slope Monday, Aug. 1, 2022, on the Clear Fire (#346). Firefighters are using tree logs to divert runoff on the slope to prevent erosion. They are also covering the exposed soil with tree slash and other vegetative matter removed during line construction to slow erosion. Alaska Division of Forestry photo

Grading roads in the Kobe Ag and Anderson subdivisions continues. Berms left from old land clearing projects still hold heat in a few places. These are no threat or concern but will be addressed. Fire managers are dedicating an engine and firefighters to deal with these. Property owners need to be aware of firefighters and heavy equipment still working in the area.

On Saturday, more showers will move in from the southwest bringing additional rain to the fire area. Temperatures will continue cool as a series of low pressure systems move across the state this weekend and into next week.

Helicopters continue to support fire fighters on the Clear Fire. The Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) remains in place. All non-mission aircraft and drones must avoid the area outlined in the TFR for the safety of aircraft supporting the Clear Fire and firefighters on the ground. Go to https://tfr.faa.gov/tfr2/list.html to stay informed of any modifications to the TFR. Remember, If You Fly, We Can’t!

Fire Loss & Suppression Repair: Contact the Denali Borough at (907) 683-1330

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