Last crew leaves the Clear Fire

Size: 73,284 | Completion: 91% | Personnel: 51 | Cause: Natural, lightning

The Division of Forestry and Fire Protection Type 2 White Mountain Initial Attack Crew is demobilizing off the Clear Fire (#346) today, Monday, after completing the last of their work. White Mountain is the last crew assigned to the fire. All that will remain is a contingent of heavy equipment operators and Fairbanks Area Forestry firefighters supporting them as they finish with road repair and grading in the Kobe Ag and Anderson subdivisions as the weather allows. Property owners need to be aware of equipment operating in the area.

This photograph shows several wildland photographers carrying a tent on its frame along a paved road.
Members of the Alaska Division of Forestry and Fire Protection Type 2 White Mountain Initial Attack Crew carry a tent as they break down camp at the Incident Command Post of the Clear Fire (#346) on Sunday, Aug. 7, 2022. White Mountain completed their work and are demobilizing from the fire Monday. They were the last crew working on the fire. Kristy Hajny/BLM Alaska Fire Service.

The suppression objectives have been reached with 91% containment. The remaining containment utilizes the natural barrier of the riparian areas along the Teklanika River that have shown no smoke or heat. The fire’s perimeter will continue to be monitored.

This will be the last daily update for the Clear Fire unless there is a significant development.

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