Incident management teams coordinate transfer of command

DELTA JUNCTION, Alaska – Less than a trace of precipitation fell on parts of the Oregon Lakes Fire as firefighters continue to hold and improve sections of the more than 8-miles of line created during burn operations. Crews will monitor the fire in anticipation of increased southerly winds and warmer temperatures today. Structure protection preparations […]

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Rain moderates activity on the Oregon Lakes Fire

DELTA JUNCTION, Alaska – Light rain, up to a .10-inch in places, moderated fire behavior yesterday giving firefighters a chance to improve the more than 8 miles of firebreak they have constructed along the northern edge of the Oregon Lakes Fire. Portions of the firebreak that were constructed with a dozer have been repaired to […]

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Photo of firefighters from the Type 2 Emergency Firefighter Fairbanks #1 crew get their gear ready to eventually shuttle to the fireline on May 17, 2019. Pictured are, from left to right, Christopher Wright, Mandy Cadzow, Khrystian Simon, Glen Duncan with Blaine Amory and Jayton Titus in back.

Firefighters take advantage of cooler weather on Oregon Lakes Fire

While firefighters continue strengthening the firebreak along the northern edge of the Oregon Lakes Fire, fire managers are considering burning farther west and east to reduce the chances the fire will spread north as the summer progresses.  Firefighters are taking advantage of the cooler temperatures today to concentrate on fortifying firebreaks in anticipation warmer, drier […]

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Looking west from the east end of the containment line, a line of retardant runs diagionally from th Lester Line (not pictured) to slow the movement of the fire while firefighters strengthen fuel breaks such as the winter trail pictured to the left. Smoke is visible from another burn operation on the west end of the containment line on May 16, 2019.

Showers calm Oregon Lakes Fire

A shot of moisture calmed fire activity on the Oregon Lakes Fire yesterday as firefighters continue to extend and strengthen firebreaks ahead of the fire. Firefighters working in the northwest corner of the fire west of Douglas Creek experienced rain and even hail that halted an evening burn operation. The fire area received only about […]

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Photo of members of the Division of Forestry's Pioneer Peak Interagency Hotshot Crew wait for their turn to shuttle to the fireline on May 15, 2019.

Firefighters continue to strengthen line on Oregon Lakes Fire

The Oregon Lakes Fire more than doubled in size after thundercells moved in with gusty winds that merged the fire and burn operation together last night. The fire is now outside the impact area, but is still south of the winter trail and shear line, the existing fuel breaks that firefighters have been utilizing. The […]

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Photo of the White Mountain Type 2 Initial Attack Crew ignited a burnout along the containment line headed west Tuesday evening. Work is continuing to fortify this burned area. Photo by Evan Sterling, Fire Medic.

Burn operations continue on Oregon Lakes Fire

Firefighters took advantage of northerly winds that pushed smoke and flames south toward the Oregon Lakes Fire while conducting a burnout Tuesday evening. Work will continue today to fortify this new burned area. Aided by heavy equipment, crews will extend the line farther west past Douglas Creek. The goal is to remove the burnable vegetation […]

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A burnout slopped over the containment line on Monday, but has also created a larger black buffer to prevent the Oregon Lakes Fire from progressing north as the summer progresses. Photo by Karen Scholl, BLM AFS

Firefighters continue mop-up and burn operations ahead of the Oregon Lakes Fire

Firefighters are mopping up Sunday’s slopover and, when conditions allow, resume the initial burn operation, extending it farther west along the fuel break to create a larger buffer ahead of the Oregon Lakes Fire. Firefighters worked Monday mopping up Sunday’s burn operation and securing its edges.  The main fire became active Monday in the northwest […]

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BLM Alaska Fire Service Chena Interagency Hotshots unload their gear shortly arriving at a staging area for the Oregon Lakes Fire Sunday night. The Midnight Sun and Chena Hotshots are joining the suppression efforts on the fire today. Photo by Beth Ipsen, BLM AFS

More firefighters join suppression efforts as weather increases fire activity

Firefighters and aircraft worked late into the evening Sunday to suppress an estimated 240-acre section of the firing operation that slopped over the containment line. Firefighters were burning a roughly 3-mile long grassy section along a fire break when the winds picked up and caused the fire to move north of the line. Firefighters, aided […]

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Smoke is visible on the northeast corner in this photo taken on May 11, 2019 while facing south from over the winter trail. The Delta Creek is in the northeast corner. Photo by Branden Kobayashi/Isaiah Fisher, BLM AFS

Firefighters plan to initiate burn operation on Oregon Lakes today

Today, firefighters plan to burn a roughly 3-mile long grassy section along a fire break constructed by the military over the past five years. Burning the grass along this fuel break, about 2 miles north of a military training impact area where the fire is burning, will remove the burnable vegetation in front of the […]

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The map for the Oregon Lakes Fire from May 11, 2019 shows no growth in the fire area for the past few days.

Community meeting scheduled to discuss plan of action on Oregon Lakes Fire

The Alaska Interagency Incident Management Team has scheduled a community meeting at 6 p.m. tonight at the Delta Junction City Hall. Members of the team will give an update on the Oregon Lakes Fire’s progression and present their plan to initiate suppression efforts. Time will be available to answer questions about the fire. Despite Red […]

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