Firefighters make progress on 4 fires in Upper Yukon Zone; 2 new fires reported

BLM Alaska Fire Service Wildfire Update Upper Yukon Zone
Wildfire Update- Upper Yukon Zone

Nearly 500 lightning strikes were recorded Friday in the Upper Yukon Zone.  As of Saturday morning two new starts, the Waterfall Fire (#423) and Hard Luck Fire (#424), were reported. It’s possible more new starts will be reported today as a result of yesterday’s lightning. Both new fires are in the Mount Casca and Little Nation Hill areas, about 5 miles west of the Yukon border.

There are four staffed fires in the zone. Firefighters assigned to the Schilling Creek Fire (#294) completed a firing operation last night to protect structures. They will begin mop-up today. An additional five-person initial attack module will be in-briefed today and travel to the fire Sunday to reinforce the four smokejumpers on site.

Map of the Goose Fire (#395) on July 2, 2022.

Twelve smokejumpers are working on the Goose Fire (#395). Yesterday they were able to install hoses along the north and northwest flanks of the fire. They are working to keep the fire to the west of the Belle Lake allotments. No significant growth was reported on the fire on Friday. Crews used a boat to scout upstream on the Porcupine River to assess the allotment located further east of the fire. Additional firefighters will arrive at the Goose Fire in the next operational period.

The Pipe Fire (#408) saw a little precipitation overnight, aiding the 12 smokejumpers assigned to the incident, as the fire is burning deep into the duff layer. Firefighters completed a saw line around the edge of the fire. The Pipe Fire is burning in an allotment approximately 40 air miles southwest of Fort Yukon and it is estimated to be 17 acres with 20 percent containment.

Map of the Koness Fire (#339) on July 2, 2022

The Koness Fire (#339), 40 air miles southeast of Arctic Village, is about 3.25 miles from an allotment and is in a Limited protection zone. Twelve smokejumpers are clearing brush and other vegetation away from a cabin on the allotment and are beginning to set up structure protection. They are also flagging to cut a saw line around the allotment.

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