Firefighters take advantage of the weather on the 100 Mile Creek Fire

June 15, 2014 10:00 a.m.

Delta Junction – The north end of the 100 Mile Creek fire received less rainfall than the remainder of the fire perimeter late Saturday.  Sunny skies, warm temperatures and some wind earlier in the day allowed for a bit of fire movement, but that expansion was not in a critical area nor did the fire advance on any control lines.
Firefighters reported that the wind was causing occasional problems related to burned trees toppling over.   When ground fire burns out tree roots, the trunks become very unstable and tip over.  These burned trees are called snags.  When they are identified near the fireline where people are working, they are marked as “hazard trees” and either felled or avoided altogether.
Despite the less than ideal conditions, firefighters pressed on in their efforts to contain the area of the fire north of the military land.  Incident Commander Tony Doty explained that the ground crews and firefighting aircraft are not easing up.  “We don’t believe in a fair fight with this fire,” he said Saturday evening.  “We are going to take advantage of the weather and keep piling on.”

Current 100 Mile Creek Fire perimeter map:

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