Fire fighters have two Red Flag “situations” to deal with today at the 100 Mile Creek fire

June 16, 2014 8:45 a.m.

Delta Junction – Firefighters have two Red Flag “situations” to deal with today at the 100 Mile Creek fire 70 miles southeast of Fairbanks.
Noting dryer weather and a predicted increase in wind speed, the National Weather Service has issued a Red Flag warning from noon until midnight today.  A similar wind is what drove this fire several miles to the north on June 7.   Since that time firefighters have established good fire control lines on the north end of the fire that should be able to withstand the winds.  A sunny, windy day can also be a good “test” for suppression efforts.  This type of weather often brings out smokes that may have smoldered undetected for several days.
At the same time, the military is beginning a “Red Flag” training exercise. Aircraft from Eielson and Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson will be flying combat training missions over the land immediately to the south of the fire.  Air Force and fire officials are in close contact and coordinating the control of air space.  No conflicts are anticipated, but both military and fire service aircraft will be closely monitored to maintain plenty of separation.  The training exercise and fire fighting should not negatively impact each other.
The 100 Mile Creek fire is estimated to be 23,177 acres today.  71% of the containment work has been completed.   524 firefighters and support personnel remain assigned to the fire.

Current 100 Mile Creek Fire Map:

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