Plans to transfer command on 100 Mile Creek Fire tomorrow

June 19, 2014 9:30 a.m.

Delta Junction – Temperatures in the low 40’s came to the Delta area and significant rainfall was received on the 100 Mile Creek fire most of the day on Wednesday and into this morning.   By 8 a.m. the north end of the fire got 2.54 inches, while 1.81 inches fell on the south end.  A full 2.5 inches were received at the Incident Command Post just east of town.   This rainfall is not yet enough to fully guarantee that the fire will not spread in the future, but combined with the hard work of the fire fighters, officials point out that control lines are far more secure than they were before this weather event.   The fire is currently mapped at 23,270 acres.
Wet windy weather and low clouds limited air operations somewhat, but additional crews were flown back in from the fire line.   276 fire fighters and support personnel remain assigned to the fire. More rain is in the forecast for the fire area.

The Alaska Type 1 Incident Management Team plans to transfer command of the fire to a Type 3 team early Friday morning.

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