Dry lightning sparks two wildfires in Lake Clark National Preserve



Port Alsworth, Alaska – Between June 19 and June 21, lightning strikes sparked two small wildfires in the Lake Clark National Park and Preserve. The one acre Twin Lake wildfire is 2.6 miles north of the outlet of the Lower Twin Lake. It was smoldering in high alpine tundra and is not currently a threat to any structures. No smoke has been observed since June 20th on this fire.

The Old Village Wildfire is estimated at one acre, burning on the southwest side of Telaquana Lake near Trail Creek. The fire is not an immediate threat to any structures. The fire received moisture Sunday and is not showing any active fire behavior. On June 22nd, a reconnaissance flight is planned to assess the fires.

The fires are burning in a remote area of the preserve and will be allowed to take a natural course as it burns. Fire management specialists will periodically monitor the fires to observe its behavior and assess growth.

Due to the recent dry lightning event in the region and accidental human-caused fires statewide, park officials have determined it is necessary to prohibit the use of all open fires and activities.

The term “open fires” refers to any flame source not immediately extinguishable or controllable and applies to any form of wood or charcoal-based fire, even in established fire rings. Use of gas grills, backpacking or camp stoves using fuel or compressed canisters which can be regulated and shut off are still permitted.

Fire restrictions within the park generally correspond to fire restrictions put in place by the State of Alaska; however, they are managed independently by the National Park Service. Decisions to lift or continue restrictions will be made by park staff and based on the wide geographic range and diversity of available fuels within the park boundaries.

For updated park information, visit http://www.nps.gov/lacl.

Wildfires burning in and around the Lake Clark National Preserve on June 22, 2015

Wildfires burning in and around the Lake Clark National Preserve on June 22, 2015

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