Tok Area Fires Update; July 21


Tok Area Fires Update for July 21, 2015

(Tok, AK) – Firefighters took advantage of the increased cloud cover yesterday to continuing containment objectives and engaging in site protection missions. Clear skies and warm temperatures may amplify fire activity in the interior of the Tetlin Hills and Long Lake Fires today. Fire personnel in the Long Lake and Tetlin Hills fires are evaluating staffing needs based on the weather and achievement of operational objectives.

Tetlin Hills Fire – (1,878 acres) Firefighters achieved 90 percent containment yesterday with continued line construction around the fire. Firefighters continued to improve the north, northwest, and west dozer lines yesterday and backhaul supplies that are no longer needed on the fire. Due to the completion of operational objectives the threat of fire spread has been reduced. The remaining scope of work the Tetlin Hills Fire will be downgraded to a type 4 incident. The new type 4 IC (Wade Johnson) will be taking control of the fire 7am on July 23, 2015. Currently 139 firefighters are working on the Tetlin Hills Fire.

Long Lake Fire –– (25,469 acres) Cooler temperatures and cloudy skies reduced fire activity yesterday. Containment percentage increased to 40 percent on north, west and east flanks, mitigating the fire spread northward to the village of Northway. Firefighters will continue reinforcing existing fire line and building additional fire line near Dog Lake. Pending favorable conditions, crews will continue backhaul supplies and resourceswill begin to demobilize tomorrow. Smoke will be visible from the Alaska Highway as the fire continues to burn into the Tetlin Wildlife Refuge for ecosystem benefit. The Long Lakes Fire will be downgraded due to scope of work to a type 4 incident at 10 am on July 23, 2015. The fire is currently staffed with 164 fire personnel.

Chisana 2 Fire –– (38,385+ acres) Fire activity increase due to interior pockets of unburned trees burning yesterday. Smoke will continue to be visible from the Alaska Highway. The fire will continue to be monitored by aircraft. Wildfires in Alaska typically burn unevenly, resulting in a mosaic pattern, or patchwork, of vegetation across the landscape. The burn patterns on the landscape from the Long Lake, Chisana 2, and Tetlin Hills Fires are a good example of this type of mosaic burn pattern. Smoke is anticipated from interior pockets of unburned vegetation. Wildfires in the Tok area will eventually be “out” by sustained cool and rainy weather conditions, which typical arrive in late summer or early autumn.

This will be the final update unless significant activity occurs.

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