Firefighters mopping up small wildfire east of Birch Lake near Fairbanks

Wildland firefighters  are mopping up a small, remote wildfire reported Tuesday night approximately 7 ½ miles east of Birch Lake, about 55 miles southeast of Fairbanks.

The one-half acre Junction Fire east of Birch Lake was called in to the Fairbanks Area forestry office Tuesday night by a passing aircraft. This picture was taken when firefighters arrived on scene. Photo by Omar Sutherland/Alaska Division of Forestry

The one-half acre Junction Fire was reported to Alaska Division of Forestry’s Fairbanks Area office at around 8 p.m. by air attack personnel returning from the Oregon Lakes Fire near Delta Junction.

A helicopter from the Fairbanks Area office shuttled a load of five firefighters to the fire at approximately 9 p.m. Firefighters hiked about a mile into the fire and found a small fire smoldering in black spruce.

The helicopter was used for initial water drops while firefighters on the ground worked to secure the ½-acre fire perimeter. Firefighters spent about four hours working to contain the fire before bedding down. They went back to work early Wednesday morning.

Another squad of nine firefighters from the Fairbanks Area were helicoptered in to the fire on Wednesday at around 1 p.m. to assist with suppression and mop up.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.


About Alaska Division of Forestry

Alaska Division of Forestry website: Mission: The Alaska Division of Forestry proudly serves Alaskans through forest management and wildland fire protection. The Wildland Fire and Aviation Program provides safe, cost-effective and efficient fire protection services and related fire and aviation management activities to protect human life and values on State, private and municipal lands. The wildland fire program cooperates with other wildland fire agencies on a statewide, interagency basis.

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