Oregon Lakes Firefighters complete structure protection

Gannett Glacier Type II Initial Attack Crew unloads hose and other equipment installed to protect cabins and structures on the Richardson Clearwater River.
  • Start Date: April 30, 2019
  • Acres: 28,770
  • Personnel assigned: 128
  • Crews assigned: 2
  • Cause: human, under investigation

DELTA JUNCTION, Alaska – Cooler temperatures, decreased winds and rain showers on Tuesday reduced activity in the Oregon Lakes Fire, which showed minor growth yesterday. Some portions of the fire received .2 inches of rain, but other parts did not receive any. However, the rain was not sufficient to put the fire out. The fire is not currently threatening any homes or developments.

Squads from the Gannett Glacier and the Tanana Chiefs, both Type 2 Initial Attack crews, completed structure protection efforts in the Whitestone, Richardson-Clearwater and South Bank communities Tuesday.

All objectives for structure protection property protection lines (PPL) have been met in Whitestone. In the Richardson-Clearwater and South Bank areas firefighters continue to build PPL by clearing brush and creating defensible firelines around either clusters of cabins or around individual structures. The PPL will allow crews to defend the structures if fire reaches the area at a later date.  

Pumps and sprinklers installed at military observation posts in the Donnelly Training Area will be serviced by firefighters today. The equipment was activated during the wind event on Saturday and prevented damage to the observation posts as fire passed through the area. Pumps need to be fueled and tested, and hoses were repositioned in nearby ponds to be ready if fire approaches again.

A Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) has been enlarged to include the area on the western fire perimeter that burned during the wind event on May 25-26. The TFR is designed to protect aerial transportation and suppression efforts related to the fire from interference from prevent private, commercial, military or drones of any kind.

Weather Forecast:

Wednesday is forecast to have warmer temperatures and lower relative humidity as the area enters a warming trend. Temperatures will be in the high 60s and relative humidity will bottom out around 25%. Light winds are expected out of the southeast at 8-10 mph. Scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms may move though the area.

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Map of Oregon Lakes fire 5-29-19


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