More resources ordered for Rainbow 2 Fire

Fire managers have requested additional resources for the Rainbow 2 Fire (#409) burning approximately 15 miles northwest of Delta Junction.

Fire managers have ordered two additional Type 2 crews to join the 24 personnel currently assigned to the fire. Fire crews are spiked out camping on state land adjacent to the cabins on the Richardson Clearwater River.

Additional air resources have also been ordered. Two additional Fire Boss water scoopers airplanes were requested to supplement the two currently working the fire, as well as an infrared detection flight to identify hot spots. Orders have also been placed to retain two Blackhawk helicopters which sling water buckets to dump on the fire to help firefighters secure the northern edge. A helitack crew is checking the perimeter for hot spots and supporting ground efforts.

Two river boats have been contracted for transportation of firefighters, equipment and supplies.

Following a significant expansion to the north on Thursday night, the Rainbow 2 fire is now estimated at 11,919 acres.

Clear skies over the Rainbow 2 fire have resulted in mixed effects. Cool, damp weather Saturday reduced fire intensity, but clearer skies today will allow the fuels to dry out. However, scattered showers are forecast over the next few days should keep fire behavior low. Clearer skies also allow safer use of aircraft support on the fire.

Fire crews are concentrating on the northeast perimeter of the fire to protect cabins and structures on the Richardson Clearwater River. All the cabins were included in a plan  with structure protection in the form of pumps, hose and sprinklers during the Oregon Lakes Fire in May, which was about 8 miles south of where the Rainbow 2 Fire started. That equipment remains in place and has been checked to make sure it is working. The pumps and sprinklers will be turned on, if needed.

The fire is burning primarily in black spruce. Mixed hardwoods and an old burn scar in the path of the fire are slowing its progress. Current fire behavior is smoldering with some creeping in the moss, with occasional single-tree torching in black spruce.

The fire was started by lightning on June 29.

CONTACT: Alaska Interagency Fire Information Office  907-356-5511.

Click here for a pdf version of the Rainbow 2 Update.Download




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