Rain Quiets Fires, Temporarily

COPPER CENTER, AK – Both the Chetaslina (#606) and Long (#484) fires received precipitation over the night moderating fire behavior. More rain is forecast for Thursday, but it will likely not be enough precipitation to put out the fires. The Chetaslina and Long fires are burning deep into the ground, two to three feet in some places. It will require significant amounts of moisture over a prolonged period of time followed by a blanket of snow to extinguish the fires. In other words, a season ending event.

There are 236 active wildfires in the state of Alaska  today. While this may seem like a high number, areas such as Wrangell-St. Elias, depend on wildland fire. Wildfire on the Alaskan landscape is paramount to forests’ health. Typically, when a wildfire burns in Alaska there are pockets of unburned vegetation left behind within the perimeter of the fire. The combination of burned and unburned areas create a mosaic pattern. This pattern promotes species health and habitat for the animals that call this area home. Allowing wildfire to move naturally along the landscape can greatly improve forest health and animal habitat.

Below is an update for the two fires actively burning in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve:

Chetaslina Fire (#606) – This fire is estimated at 2,125 acres. Due to precipitation over the fire, minimal fire behavior was observed.

Long Fire (#484) –This fire is estimated at 150 acres. Due to precipitation over the fire, minimal fire behavior was observed.

For statewide wildfire information, visit: https://akfireinfo.com/.

For additional information, please contact the Fire Information Center at (208)274-3316 or visit http://www.nps.gov/wrst/index.htm.www.nps.gov/wrst

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