Dry Creek Fire south of Manley calms after a few busy days

Fire activity moderated on the Dry Creek Fire (#195) Saturday after a few days of substantial growth. The fire burned approximately 15,800 acres since June 30 – mostly to the west – and was estimated at 45,643 acres by the end of Saturday. Smokejumpers and a helicopter dropping water quickly extinguished two small fires that cropped up on northeast side of the fire and to the east of the Zitziana River Saturday. For now, the smokejumpers will remain at a cabin that is on the banks of the Zitiziana River to protect the structure and to ensure the fire remains to the west of the river. The fire is still south of the Tanana River.

Today, the BLM AFS Chena Hotshots will finish mopping up a successfully conducted burn operation to protect property. The Chena Hotshots will demobilize from the fire tomorrow. BLM Alaska Fire Service’s training crew, the North Star Fire Crew, has installed or fortified protection measures on a couple of Native allotments along the south banks of the Tanana River to the east of the Zitziana River and remains on the fire. Smokejumpers constructed a fire break around on a cluster of cabins on the Tanana River farther to the southeast. The fire is still more than nine miles from this group of cabins upriver from the Junction Island. The fire is four miles from a Native allotment to the east near the Tanana River’s Jennie M. Island. Other than the two spot fires, the Zitziana River continues to hold the east side of the fire in check.

Today’s weather forecast for the area includes partially sunny skies with light southwest winds and temperatures reaching into the low 70s.

The Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) remains in place for the fire area due to the need to advise aviators of the increased firefighting aircraft in and around the Manley Hot Springs airport (PAML). Firefighting aircraft are monitoring the Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF) of 122.8. We ask aviators in the area to please monitor PAML CTAF, report their position, keep eyes peeled and ears tuned in for air traffic in the area. There are several aircraft in this area– helicopters , airplanes and Unmanned Aerial Systems, or drones – helping with firefighting efforts. The NOTAM is for the airspace 10 nautical miles (NM) southwest to southeast from PAML, up to an altitude of 3,500 feet. Geographically speaking from the airport, 10 NM downstream, 10 NM upstream of the Tanana River and the area south of the river up to 10 NM.

Contact BLM AFS Public Affairs Specialist Beth Ipsen at (907)346-5510 or eipsen@blm.gov for more information.

Start date: June 14Acres: 45,643Personnel assigned: 62Crews: 2Cause: Lightning
Map of Dry Creek Fire (#195) burning south of Manley Hot Springs on July 4, 2021.
Map of Dry Creek Fire (#195) burning south of Manley Hot Springs on July 4, 2021. Click on map for PDF version of map.

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