Alaska Fire Service takes action on two new wildfires

June 19, 2022 8:45 p.m. – Tonight twelve smokejumpers jumped a new fire on the Yukon-Delta National Wildlife Refuge in the Lower Yukon. The Nunavulnuk River Fire (#313) is 20 miles south of Saint Michael on the north side of the Nunavulnuk River. Although the fire lies in a limited protection area, current conditions are conducive for large fire growth. A full protection area, reflecting higher valued resources, is within three miles of the fire and would be at higher risk had suppression action not been taken.

Two Fire Boss single engine air tankers dropped water on the fire to assist the jumpers.

The Vachon Fire (#314) is another new fire that was discovered tonight. It’s located on Vachon Island in the Yukon River, about 20 miles west of Manley Hot Springs. The fire was estimated at 5 acres and was burning in tundra and black spruce when smokejumpers sized it up prior to jumping the fire. This fire is also in a limited protection area, but its proximity to full protection required action to be taken.

topographic map showing fire #313 south of Saint Michael
Nunavulnuk River Fire (#313) southeast of Saint Michael.
Topographic map showing fire #314 in on an island in the Yukon River
Vachon Fire (#314) on Vachon Island southwest of Manley Hot Springs.

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