Central Creek Airstrip Fire spreading southeast, growing to 2,819 acres

The Central Creek Airstrip Fire (#295) is maintaining a moderate level of spreading and fire behavior. It has grown to an estimated 2,819 acres. Structure protection efforts have been completed by Delta Area Forestry firefighters, the Hooper Bay Squad, and a squad from the Russian River Module for homes and cabins along the Goodpaster River and where Central Creek joins. Forestry is working with Pogo Mine to prepare as the fire grows.

This aerial photograph shows smoke rising from forested hills.
Smoke rises from the Central Creek Airstrip Fire (#295) on Sunday, June 19, 2022. The fire has burned down to the Goodpaster River, foreground, but is mostly spreading to southeast following drainages.

The lightning caused fire is moving southeast through rolling tundra and black spruce stands. It is south, within two miles of the confluence of Central Creek and Goodpaster River. The Pogo Mine is 6.5 miles north of the fire. Delta Junction is 30 miles to the southwest.

Thunderstorms are forecast develop each afternoon and evening in the Interior for the next few days potentially sparking new fires. More fires from past storms are expected. It is not unusual for a lightning strike to holdover and smolder for days, or potentially weeks, before a warm day with a breeze brings it life. Reconnaissance flights are conducted daily across the state looking for new fires.

This is a map showing the location and perimeter of the Central Creek Airstrip Fire (#295) along the Goodpaster River.

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