Fire Bosses responding to new start: Tanana River Fire

A squadron of six Fire Bosses and their Birddog lead plane are responding to a new fire start north of the Tanana River about six miles up from the Tolovana River confluence. The Tanana River Fire (#310) was reported to be 4-5 acres, burning actively in tundra, brush and some timber by a reconnaissance helicopter that started bucket operations. It plots on the border between Full and Limited management options.

A single Fire Boss with a nearby water source can deliver 14,000 gallons per hour. With the ability to work for nearly three hours on scene before returning for fuel, it can drop an incredible amount of water. The squadron from British Columbia had been working on fires in southwest Alaska and recently relocated to Fairbanks because of the recent lightning activity across the Interior.

A map showing the location of the Tanana River Fire (#310)
The Tanana River Fire (#310) is 30 miles east of Manley Hot Springs and 30 miles northwest of Nenana.

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