Preparation continues for warming trend expected throughout the week within the Lime Complex

Lime Complex fires under the Black Team management include #188, 189, 190, 193 197, 198, 205, 206, 207, 216, 228, 239, 240, 244, 245, 246, 247 and 273. As threats increase to values at risk, updates on suppression strategy and tactics will be provided.

The total complex size is 433,045 acres. Cloud cover that’s been effecting the Unstaffed fires are being assessed daily by aerial surveillance using satellite imagery or ground reconnaissance. Fire numbers 205,206, 239, and 240 are the only staffed fires.

Lime Complex Southwest Alaska Wildfire Update with Operations Chief Jon Glover for June 20 2022

There are over 80 fire line resources are assigned to these fires including {2} Type 1 hand crews, {1} type 2 Initial Attack Hand crew and various overhead. These resources continue to identify and validate known sites that require defensive action along the Kuskokwim and Holitna Rivers and initiate structure protection measures.

Staging of aircraft and supplies have been set up in Aniak and continue to receive more support today. The staging area will be able to support the staffed fires in the area with food, supplies and fuel to keep operations running smooth. There are currently record level lows in the Buildup index (BUI) that indicate severity and overall flammability of the vegetation. The weather that is predicted for later next week and the high flammability of available vegetation as fuel for the fires, the potential for growth is very high going into next weekend.

Communication is vital to operations in the remote areas of Alaska where cell service can be scarce. Repeater radio towers were the priority to get set up today to be able to establish secure radio connection for crews in the field. Radio communication is a lifeline to firefighters. Radios are heavily relied on to communicate to other crews and air resources that are supporting suppression efforts.

View of the Fly Over reconnaissance flight above Aghaluk Mountain Fire (#206) Photo by Alaska IMT

Upper Talarik (#205)- There was satellite imagery of heat along the perimeter, there will be a flight conducted tomorrow to verify that is accurate. Values at risk in the area will also be assessed for on the reconnaissance flight. There will be a presence of fire resources, including aircraft in Illiamna as a staging area while reconnaissance missions are being completed.

 The “Lime Group” will be referred to as the North Group moving forward. The North Group consists of fires 228,239,240,244,273 and 188. Preparation and implementation utilizing aerial and satellite observation to validate prior to inserting overhead and modules or crews to protect values identified.  Pioneer Peak Hotshots will embed in the area to prepare structure and other values at risk. A 5-person module has been placed to cut line and conduct burnout operations on a radar site on the southern part of fire #228.  A reconnaissance flight on Swift River Fire (#228) was conducted and fuel and supplies are scheduled to get out tomorrow to support the resources working on this incident. These fires include the Door Mountain Fire (#244) to the southwest, the Stony River Fire (#198) and Gagaryah River Fire (#197) to the northwest, and the South Lime Lake Fire (#190)/Swift River Fire (#228) to the northeast.

Door Mountain (#244) ~30,879 acres, Lightning, Limited, 19 miles southwest of Lime Village – This fire is fairly active and moving. Two Division Supervisors are still assigned and assessing the needs for additional resources. Cargo sites are being established as well as the values at risk towards Lime Village being identified. Once everything is identified and prepared, heli-rappellers will be assigned.

Pike Creek (#239) ~39,580 acres, Lightning, Point Protection, 8 personnel, 23 miles northwest of Iliamna Lake– Fire personnel continue assessing and checking structures along the Koktuli and Mulchatna rivers. Four smokejumpers working on structure protection planning and implementation SW of the fire on an identified lodge. Work was completed and they have established a structure protection set up, on swan river on the NE part of the fire. An Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) module will be used to look for areas of remaining heat around structures. No precipitation was received as anticipated, due to that, the flanks of the fire are active and backing fire was experienced. The Northern cabin is working on being secured as well as a plan was put in place to work to the Chatina lodge to do structure protection. The Fires has burned together with Koktuli River (#240) ~55,454 acres, combined totals 95,034 acres

Aghaluk Mountain (#206) ~107,152 acres, Lightning, Point Protection, 57 personnel, 51 miles east of Aniak – Both the Winema IHC and Pioneer Peak IHC, along with a five-person helitack module are finalizing structure protection work and documentation for structures in Red Devil and Sleetmute on the east side of the Kuskokwim River. Preparations around identified values continue in Sleetmute and Red Devil. Fine tuning of tactical planning measures to initiate point protection continue. Utilizing boats to continue to scout for values on the west side of the fire. Pioneer Peak hotshots will be relocated to support the North group, formerly referred to as the Lime Group. The fire received minimal precipitation throughout the day. The cloud cover that has been over the area has been diminishing and there are more heat signatures being mapped along the perimeter due to the vegetation starting to dry with less humidity in the area.

Pioneer peak will be pulled tomorrow to support the “Lime Group” which will be referred to as the North Group moving forward as not to confuse with the incident name or village name.

Lime Complex Map for June 20, 2022
Lime Complex Map for June 20, 2022

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