More crews join fight against Clear Fire west of Anderson

The Clear Fire (#346) moderated in fire behavior after midnight as temperature cooled and moisture in the air increased due to the passing storms. Today, as the sun warms the area an increase in activity is expected. The fire is estimated to be 1,750 acres. Most of the White Mountain T2IA crew was shuttled to the fire last night before the helicopters flight time allowance for the day expired. They joined smokejumpers in structure protection for cabins along the Teklanika River. Their efforts were focused on three cabins identified as being the closest to the fire. The last drops by retardant tankers last night were between the fire and cabins along the river.

This is a photograph that shows a smoke column from a wildfire out the window of an aircraft.
Retardant Tanker 52 pilot Rene Sanche approaches the Clear Fire (#346) on Tuesday evening, June 21, 2022. Three retardant tankers worked on the lightning caused fire late into the evening.

Today the rest of the White Mountain crew will be shuttled to the fire along with Wolf Creek and Prineville Hotshot crews. Fire Bosses, single engine tankers, and retardant tankers will support firefighters on the ground. Once the helicopters move the crews into place, they will reconfigure with their water dropping buckets.

This aerial photograph shows a column of smoke rising from a wildland fire.
Smoke rises from the Clear Fire (#346) on Tuesday, June 21, 2022. The lightning caused fire started on the east side of the Teklanika River. Rene Sanche/Conair

A Type 2 Incident Management Team is mobilizing to take over the fire to free up initial attack resources for any new fires. There were nearly 3,000 lighting strikes yesterday, many across the Interior, east to the border.

Please be careful in all of your outdoor activities. This is not the time for firefighters to respond to a campfire left smoldering unattended

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