Holiday driving through fires on the Dalton Highway

With increased fire activity along the Dalton Highway corridor this holiday weekend, please be prepared for possible traffic delays where firefighters are engaging in point protection along the side of the road. With continued firefighting activity in the area, the Arctic Circle Campground is closed until further notice but the Arctic Circle Wayside Sign pullout is open.

Red flag warnings are in effect for thunderstorms today. Gusty winds can be expected in the vicinity of the storms. The chance of new starts and rapid fire spread is very likely.

Overall, crews continue to monitor the Douglas Fire 336 and Curky Fire 318 and protect values at risk. Yesterday afternoon, the Curky Fire 318 was mapped at 23,939 acres and the Douglas Fire 336 was mapped 14,950 acres. The Fish Fire 319 remains at 213 acres and the Snowden Fire 330 is estimated to be 65 acres.

Firefighter working on the Douglas Fire 336 near mile 144 on the Dalton Highway. (Photo courtesy of Eve Hyde)

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