Clear Fire Activity Increases on East Side of Fire, Communities of Anderson and Clear Upgraded to SET Status

Incident management team members brief fire personnel on the morning of July 4, 2022.
Clear Fire Morning Briefing on July 4, 2022

There has been a change to wildland fire evacuation risk levels. The communities of Anderson and Clear have changed to SET status. See the latest evacuation map. Further information on wildfire evacuation levels can be found on the Denali Borough website:

There is a RED FLAG WARNING today. Lightning is likely and thunderstorms could produce erratic winds. If the smoke over the fire area clears, there is potential for volatile fire behavior. As the week progresses, there is more chance for wetting rain in the area.

Fire was active overnight on the east side of the fire. Storm cells over the fire contributed to spotting south of the dozer line on the north side of the Kobe Ag subdivision. Firefighters will work to control these spot fires today. Crews are continuing to construct dozer line and secure existing line near the Kobe Ag Subdivision. Firefighters are also scouting for opportunities to build direct fire line. Direct line is fire line that is built right at the fire’s edge, as opposed to indirect line which is constructed some distance from the fire’s edge. Crews will also conduct strategic burn out operations from the dozer line, as conditions allow, to reduce unburned fuels between the fire line and the fire. Fire managers have taken additional precautions on the east side of the fire by assigning firefighters to a night operational period. These crews will monitor and patrol the east and southeast portions of the fire as well as the town of Anderson.

Yesterday, on the northwestern side, the fire crossed a section of the Teklanika River, creating a spot fire about a quarter-acre in size. Crews are working to contain this spot fire; however, it is not currently endangering any structures.  Other firefighters in the north are mopping up near the fire’s origin. This mop up process includes checking the area for residual heat up to 100 feet interior to the fire’s edge. Structure protection also continues in the north.

Firefighters are engaging in structure protection measures with at-risk properties to the south of the fire when and where it is safe to do so. However, firefighter and public safety is our top priority. Firefighters are not always able to find a safe route to structures in remote areas or in areas with active fire behavior.

It is advisable for those in the “Set” and “Ready” areas (those not already evacuated) to create a defensible space around their residences. Creating a buffer between a structure on your property and the grass, trees or shrubs that surround the property can help slow or stop the spread of fire and assist firefighters in protecting your property.    

Ready (Prepare your property):  All areas WEST of the Nenana River between Parks Highway MP 264 – 269, including Bear Creek and June Creek areas.
Set (Prepare your “go bag”):  All areas WEST of the Nenana River between Parks Highway MP 269 – 274. The City of Anderson, Clear and Clear Space Force Station. All areas EAST of the Nenana River between Parks Highway MP 275 – 302. All cabins along the Teklanika River between two and five miles of the current fire perimeter.
GO (Evacuate now) :  All areas accessed by Kobe Road. All cabins along the Teklanika River within two miles of the current fire perimeter.

Sheltering or evacuation-related information: Contact the Denali Borough at (907) 683-1330, see the Borough’s Facebook page or visit   All other fire information: Clear Fire Information, (907) 290-2921; Alaska Fire Information, (907) 356-5511;,, and on the Alaska Division of Forestry and BLM Alaska Fire Service Facebook pages.

Happy 4th of July! A reminder that the Alaska State Fire Marshal’s Office has suspended use of fireworks across much of Alaska. For more information, visit: Additionally, Alaska’s Division of Forestry & Fire Protection (DOF) issued an Emergency Burn Closure Order as of July 1. This order restricts all burning at the state and local level that requires a burn permit. For more information go to:

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