Middle Tanana Complex created from six fires near Delta Junction

The newly formed Middle Tanana Complex, located near Delta will be managed by Type 2, Northern Rockies Team 3, reassigned from the Minto Lakes Fire. They will in brief Tuesday. The complex is comprised of the Central Creek Airstrip Fire (# 295), Yukon Creek Fire (# 296), Porcupine Creek Fire (# 375), Marshall Mountain Fire (# 420), South Fork Fire (# 427), and Central Creek Fire (# 437).

Central Creek Airstrip Fire (# 295): This fire is estimated at 5,498 acres.

Yukon Creek Fire (# 296): Smokejumpers worked on structure protection and fire suppression. Current estimated acres is 1,202 with creeping fire behavior. The fire was discovered June 17.

Porcupine Creek Fire (# 375): Helicopter 930 did a reconnaissance flight of this incident as it was estimated at 11,097 acres as of July 4. There was a lot of smoke in the area and the fire is still active.

Marshall Mountain Fire (# 420): A helicopter spotted this new fire while on a reconnaissance mission for the Yukon Creek Fire (#296). This fire is moderately active and less than one acre.

South Fork Fire (# 427): This fire is 28.6 acres and has minimal activity thanks to rain in the area and helicopter suppression.

Central Creek Fire (# 437): Currently is less than one acre and was discovered July 3.

Updates on the Middle Tanana Complex will be released when available.

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