Middle Tanana Complex community meeting tonight; total acreage at 29,126

A community meeting is scheduled for 7:00 pm tonight at the Delta Junction Community Center, 2287 Deborah Street, Delta Junction. The meeting will be simulcast on KDHS Radio, 95.5 FM.

Along the Salcha River corridor smokejumpers completed structure protection on a group of cabins and buildings near the Yukon Creek fire. These firefighters then moved west to the next group of structures six miles away. This area is categorized as Division S and encompasses the Yukon Creek, Marshall Mountain, and Porcupine Creek fires.

In the lower Goodpaster River corridor in Division G, which is impacted by the South Fork Fire, firefighters will be inserted by boat today to implement structure protection measures around cabins and buildings. 

Today fire managers will meet with Pogo Mine staff to develop a plan for protecting critical mine infrastructure currently affected by the Gold Hub Fire. The area is Division P and includes the Gilles Creek Fire.

A crew flew into the Central Creek Airstrip to check and test sprinkler systems yesterday. This area is categorized as Division C and includes the Central Creek, Central Creek Airstrip, and California Creek fires. A new start was detected between the South Fork Goodpaster River and the Central Creek Airstrip fire. It has been named the Big Swede Creek Fire.

Fire managers continue to work through communications and transportation challenges to safely engage firefighters on the ground. Temporary Flight Restrictions are in place over the Gold Hub fire. Flight restrictions are for any aircraft, including drones. If you fly, we can’t!


Relative humidity is expected to be in the low 30s tomorrow and may dip into the 20s. Fuels dried out yesterday with low humidity and will continue to do so today. Winds will switch directions to NW at 5mph. Beginning Friday temperatures will begin cooling through the weekend.

Fire Behavior

Fire behavior increased yesterday due to the drying trend which will continue today. Gold Hub, Yukon Creek, and South Fork will likely make small uphill runs and experience increased fire behavior when they encounter stands of black spruce. 


The residents off the road system and recreational cabins in the Middle Salcha River and Upper Salcha River Zones are now in SET status. The lower Salcha River remains in READY status. Visit https://tinyurl.com/FNSBEvacMap for up to date information about evacuations.

Image of a map with the Yukon, Marshall Mountain, Central Creek, Central Creek Airstrip, Porcupine Creek, South Fork, Gold Hub, California Creek, and Gilles Creek fires. It shows a Ready evacuation status in green for the Lower Salcha River, and a Set evacuation status in Yellow for the Middle Salcha River and Upper Salcha River.
Middle Tanana Complex Fire Map, July 7

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