Firefighters Make Progress in Upper Yukon Zone but Remain Wary of New Starts Under Red Flag Warnings

Three new fires started yesterday bringing the total to 51 active fires burning in the Upper Yukon Zone. Red Flag Warnings for lightning remain in place across the Zone. Firefighters have made significant progress on several fires and are being reassigned to more active fires across the zone.

BLM Alaska Fire Service Wildfire Update Upper Yukon Zone
Wildfire Update- Upper Yukon Zone

Wind River Fire (#465) – A total of eight Smokejumpers and Tonguss Helitack resources continue to patrol containment lines built around the fire. They are working to identify any remaining hotspots and reinforce containment lines with pumps and hoselines. Crews will continue work today on the 4.5 acre fire and are preparing to move to other priorities in the area.

Biederman Fire (#458) – The fire is progressing slowly to the South toward the allotments and cabins. Twenty Smokejumpers, combined with the Six Rivers Hotshots, have completed structure protection for the cabins and will finish cutting out the allotment today. Resources will remain in the area until the fire approaches and weather conditions allow them to burn out the line in the coming days.

Schilling Creek Fire (#294)/ North Fork (#340) – The fire has grown to just under 32,000 acres. A total of 10 firefighters, including Smokejumpers and the Cascade Hotshots, have completed structure protection work and plan to conduct firing operations on the Eastern side of the structures and along Flat Creek today.

Map of the Schilling Creek Fire (#296) and North Fork Fire (#340) on July &, 2022.

Bearman Fire (#444) – Yesterday the fire grew to 184 acres, but a smoke inversion held over the fire last night which decreased fire activity. Structure protection has been completed on the two allotments. An incident management organization is in place in Ft. Yukon to coordinate resources and oversee the incident.

Map of the Bearman Fire (#444) on July 7, 2022

Goose Fire (#395)/ Belle(#398) – Four smokejumpers, along with nine Mendocino Hotshots, have completed their work around structures and have developed a plan to conduct firing operation along the Western flank tying into the Porcupine River. They continue to strengthen containment lines while waiting for fire activity and weather to come into alignment.

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