Better satellite imagery enables more accurate estimate of Lime Complex acres burned

July 10, 2022, 9:30 am

The Lime Complex consists of two staffed fires and sixteen unstaffed fires. The total size of the combined fires is 819,856 acres, and there are 164 resources assigned to the complex, an area covering 21 million acres. Each of these fires was caused by lightning. All unstaffed fires are monitored for growth and potential threats to identified values.

Highlights: Mopup continues in the north near Lime Village, and cabins and allotments continue to be secured in the south. Air Attack continues to monitor fire 206 in the northwest and has seen a bit of smoke and some heat signatures, but they are not in an area of concern. An additional heat signature was picked up in a new area yesterday, but it turned out to be reflected light/heat from a manmade object such as a solar panel or radio repeater.

The Grande Rondel rappel crew prepares for departure from the Palmer airport, bound for insertion near the Pike Creek and Koktuli River fires in the Lime Complex. (photo by Eve Baker, Alaska Incident Management Team)

Weather/Fire behavior: Today the northern portion of the complex will be affected by smoke from the fires further north in the state. That smoke is expected to remain higher in altitude and act like cloud cover, keeping temperatures a few degrees lower. Iliamna will experience a mix of clouds and sun. The complex will likely experience continuing smoldering today but no active fire growth. With the decrease in fire activity and protection objectives being met, a Type 3 Incident Management Team has been ordered to arrive for transition later next week.

Staffed Fires in the Complex

Door Mountain Fire (#244) – 104,839. A number of thunder cells that passed through the area yesterday limiting some of the planned aerial operations yesterday. If conditions permit those missions will be flown today. The Malheur Rappel Crew and Galice Wildland Fire Module will continue to mop up the Lime Village burnout. The Garden Valley and Idaho Panhandle modules will insert into an isolated portion of the east flank on fire 244 adjacent to Trout and Tundra Lakes. The modules will work to secure roughly ½ mile of hot edge. The remainder of this flank appears to be cold and is anchored into a rock scree and Trout Lake. Securing this portion of the fire will provide protection to Trout and Kotokbuna Lake allotments.

Pike Creek (#239)/Koktuli River (#240) – 284,288 combined acres. Grande Ronde Rappelers and the Burns Helitack module will work in the Koktuli River drainage to gain access to several allotments that have not been cold-trailed for hot edge. Unaweep will break camp and prepare for demob.

The Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) remains in place over the southern portion of the planning area near Lake Iliamna. Aerial water drops and logistical air support remain active in this area when smoke and weather allow for safe flying. Fire Boss planes are now staged in McGrath but may be working out of waterways in the Iliamna and Lime Village areas. Helicopters and other aircraft providing support to firefighting resources on the ground will also be working in the area. Please avoid this airspace for public and firefighter safety. Rememberthe fire area is a no-fly zone for private dronesif you fly we can’t.

Public information map for Lime Complex Fire for July 10, 2022

Unstaffed Fires in Monitor Status

Dummy Creek Fire (#247) ~ 179 acres; Cabin Creek Fire (#193) ~ 74 acres; Gagaryah River Fire (#197) ~ 38,910 acres; Kiknik Fire (245) ~ 45,734 acres; Maka Creek Fire (#207) ~ 2 acre; Nushagak River Fire (#189) ~ 10 acres; Stony River Fire (#198) ~ 40,429 acres; Telaquana River Fire (#216) ~ 7,791 acres; Titnuk Creek Fire (#246) ~ 53,291 acres; Upper Talarik (#205) ~ 7,986 acres; South Lime Lake Fire (#190)/Swift River Fire (#228 ~ 88,502; Door Creek Fire (#273) ~ 28,528 acres; Hook Creek Fire (#188) ~ 4,275; Aghaluk Mountain (#206) ~ 115,030

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