Moderate fire growth on southern portion of Poorman Complex expected over the next couple days

As temperatures increase across the Poorman Complex and drying conditions occur, moderate fire growth is expected on the Camp Creek Fire (#352) and the Donut Fire (#335). The Sunset Fire (#369) ran into natural barriers on three sides, with a bog on the east side, a creek along the west side, and the Yukon River to the south, limiting its chances for growth.

The Poorman Complex is providing resources to the BLM Alaska Fire Service Galena Zone that covers Western Alaska for initial response on the nearby Hot Springs Creek Fire (#463). The fire is approximately 1,800 acres and located about 36 miles northeast of Ruby. The Lassen Hotshot crew will provide structure preparation from this fire.

Reconnaissance flights detected moderate fire growth on the Camp Creek Fire (#352). These flights improve the fire mapping ability because they can observe growth that otherwise may be missed by the satellite radar imaging. However, these flights are not possible during days with increased cloud coverage or smoke in the area.

  • Camp Creek Fire (#352): Current estimated acreage is 14,677. Baker River Hotshots continue structure preparation around multiple cabins in the Poorman Road area about 15 miles from the fire. Structure preparation includes clearing nearby vegetation, installing pumps and hoses and a sprinkler system that can be turned on around buildings as the fire nears, and identifying any hazards around those structures.
  • Donut Fire (#335): Current estimated acreage is 46,962. Smokejumpers completed structure preparation around the nearest cabin, which is at the perimeter of the fire.  
  • Sunset Fire (#369): Current estimated acreage remains at 3,002. This fire continues to be in monitor status with minimal fire activity expected. The fire ran into natural barriers with a bog on the east side, a creek along the west side, and the Yukon River to the south.   

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Poorman Complex Public Information Map July 10, 2022

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