Manley Area Fire update, July 19

Quick Facts
Incident Summary

Approximate Acreage

Baker: 26,137 acres
Hay Slough: 89,766 acres
Incident Commander:   Shane Greer
Start Date:   June 21, 2015
Cause:   Lightning
Total Personnel:   181
Structures Lost:   0
Jurisdiction:   Alaska Fire Service
Cooperators:   Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Alaska Department of Natural Resources

Baker Fire

Yesterday: Precipitation minimized fire behavior. Crews continued with slash clean up and back hauling of equipment. Minimal fire growth and behavior was observed. The suppression repair plan was approved by State of Alaska.

Today: Continued precipitation is expected to minimize fire behavior. Crews will implement approved suppression repairs where feasible and continue the back haul of structure protection equipment.

Hay Slough Fire

Yesterday: All areas of the fire received precipitation. Smoldering and creeping was observed in sheltered areas. Crews minimized travel due to deteriorated road conditions.

Today: Continued precipitation is forecasted. Spiked crews will monitor the fire. A public meeting is scheduled in Manley Hot Springs.

At 0600 on July 20,, 2015, Rocky Mountain Type II, Team Black will transfer command of the Beauty, Baker, and Hay Slough Fires to Echeverria’s Type III Team.

To date, 275 personnel, 7 miles of hose, 150 bucket drops (14,000 gallons of water), 4 retardant drops, and 56 flight hours were utilized in fire suppression efforts. An interested fact, the Hay Slough Fire has a perimeter of 992,107 feet and the Baker Fire has a perimeter of 295,324 feet.

Phone: (907) 672-3202




For information about fires across Alaska:

Phone: (907) 356-5511


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